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Apaydın Metal Products Co. Inc. is established in Samsun by his superior efforts of Chairman Honorable Hasan Fehmi APAYDIN and started to production under the name of the brand SAM-TEL. As the time goes on, increasing its product range, FERMO with its brand name and quality, gain the favor of the market and according to the demand of the brand, it has to be necessary to get bigger for it. Depending on that in 2007 it has moved to Amasya-Merzifon Organized Industry Region, constructed its own galvanizing line and became independent in hexagonal wire netting. Working with the biggest brand like WAFIOS,KOCH and I.C.E Apaydın Metal Products Co.; become one of the leading manufacturer of Turkey and Europe with its 20.000 m² closed area, 150 worker and the latest technology it is using. Considering customer’s needs and demands, to provide suitable solutions to all of the needs, in the conclusion of R&D studies it never give up, it developed the Vision and Mission that assume its product range and quality. Finally, with the FERMO brand, it has become the leading firm both in sale and brand. ALWAYS QUALIFIED ALWAYS RELIABLE AND SUPERB SOLUTIONS MISSION Providing qualified, reliable and superb solutions to the changing customer demands at market, keeping up with developing world technology, VISION To be the leading brand at the market with its always innovative, qualified, honest and cheerful services.



“Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 05300 Merzifon - Amasya, Turkey”

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